3 Ways Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home From A Hurricane

3 Ways Hurricane Shutters Protect Your Home From A Hurricane

Hurricane season is back again. Before long, we’ll be watching the news for storm warnings and wondering what the clouds will bring. If you’re a Florida resident, now is the time to prepare your home for the upcoming wind and rain. One of the best ways to do that is with hurricane shutters.

Hurricane shutters may seem like a simple covering for your windows, but they are so much more. Properly installed hurricane shutters actually protect your home in three key ways.

1. Direct Window and Door Protection

Hurricane shutters directly protect your doors and windows. They keep glass windows and doors from being broken if something is blown into them. Without these shutters, a single branch picked up by the wind could mean a shattered window.

2. Internal Pressurization Protection

When strong gusts of wind blow in, they put pressure on your doors and windows, creating internal pressurization inside the home. This can actually cause your home’s roof to lift off. The upward pressure can pop the screws or straps connecting the roof to the trusses. 

Hurricane shutters prevent this internal pressurization by creating a secure envelope around the entire home. In other words, hurricane shutters keep your roof in place. Since roof repairs and replacement can be costly, this benefit alone makes hurricane shutters worth the investment.

3. Water Damage Protection

When your windows crack or your roof is damaged, rainwater finds its way into your home. And a hurricane can bring lots of rainwater. Water damage accounts for the majority cost of many homeowners’ insurance claims after a hurricane. When you have to replace floors and drywall, projects snowball. By protecting your windows and roof, hurricane shutters also protect against water damage.

If you only make one improvement to your home this season, add hurricane shutters. They directly protect your windows and doors, but they also indirectly protect every other part of your home. 

Today, hurricane shutters come in a variety of styles. You can choose a style that complements your home’s architecture and increases its curb appeal. Look for shutters with a lifetime warranty, which grants you peace of mind.If you’re looking for someone to install your hurricane shutters in Northeast Florida, contact Reliant Roofing. We’re a member of the International Hurricane Protection Association and are committed to helping you protect your home and family from oncoming storms.

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