How Can I Tell If My House Qualifies For A Tesla Solar Roof?

How Can I Tell If My House Qualifies For A Tesla Solar Roof?

The Tesla Solar Roof is a modern, clean, and energy-efficient roof. A Florida roof can benefit from its hail resistance and wind uplift approval.

Light spectrums contribute to the creation of solar energy. Even moonlight generates energy. The energy collected by the panels or solar roof is DC (Direct Current). This current is then passed through a Power Inverter and converted to AC (Alternating Current) as a primary power source. In some cases, you may never need utility power again if your roof is large enough. As a general rule of thumb, the more south facing the roof surface, the more energy the solar system will produce for the home.

The third best state in the US for solar is Florida. There are 237 sunny days per year on average in Florida, which is why it’s known as the Sunshine State. Florida residents turn to solar power to create and store their own renewable energy at home. Additionally, Florida offers excellent incentives that help you save money by switching to solar. Solar systems installed by December 31, 2022, for example, are eligible for a federal tax credit of 22%.

The pricing is determined by the size of the roof, the size of the PV array, and how many Powerwall battery backups you choose. Metal and tile roofing, for example, become more expensive as they age due to cleaning and maintenance. Tesla Solar Roofs actually reduce your electricity costs day by day as the roof ages, saving the homeowner money right from day one. Plus, by the time your roof is 25 years old, it has already paid for itself – so you are making money by generating your own electricity.

For basic pricing, Tesla’s online calculator is a great starting point. Our team at Reliant Roofing will help you decide if investing in a new roof now is a better financial decision than maintaining your current one. We pair a large enough PV array with Powerwalls to eliminate the need to use utility company electricity for maximum efficiency and early payback. Call us or use our Tesla Decider Tool to see if going solar is right for you!

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