graphic with the quote 3 Ways Shutters Do More Than Protect Against Storms

3 Ways Shutters Do More Than Protect Against Storms

Hurricane shutters are essential for home protection. But shutters can do so much more than just provide storm protection. Here are three more benefits provided by hurricane shutters.

1. Security

Home burglaries and home invasions are a serious problem. Your windows and doorways are nearly impenetrable when storm shutters are correctly installed. Opportunist robbers are often looking for easy pickings. They’ll move on if they feel your house isn’t worth the trouble. The same applies for a business. Buildings with exposed windows or easy entry options are always preferred by burglars, regardless of how valuable your merchandise is. It’s more likely they will leave you alone if you make it harder and riskier for them to rob you. Accordion shutters are an excellent option for home or business security, as these shutters can lock with a key.

2. Save Energy

Windows allow a lot of heat to enter your home. It is estimated that 25 to 30 percent of residential energy use is attributed to heat intrusion and heat loss through windows in the summer and winter. It is possible to reduce that to some degree by installing new windows. If you also wish to protect your home from storms, hurricane shutters are the best solution. Additionally, they contribute to energy conservation. Solar heat transmits heat and produces additional heat in your home when it passes through glass. During the spring and summer, you will have to use your air conditioner more often to compensate. Electric rolldown shutters are perfect for conserving energy from light entering your home. 

3. Curb Appeal

Many people board up their windows and doors before a hurricane. However, boarding up your windows with plywood is very labor intensive, in addition to expensive, temporary, and unattractive. Only when plywood is installed with very specific hardware and methods can it be considered a “Code-Approved” hurricane protection product. Almost certainly, plywood sheets will get wet and then won’t protect against dangerous projectiles. As well as getting wet, plywood can also warp and mold. And when you’re not using it, storage is required. You can boost your home’s curb appeal with Bahama shutters and protect it from hurricane winds and flying debris at the same time. Your home can benefit from the shade and privacy provided by these shutters when they are opened. Bahama shutters provide home protection when closed. 

At Reliant, we offer many different hurricane shutter options to meet your needs. Get started today!

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