Living in Northeast Florida means having to take precautions against our region’s notorious storm season. It doesn’t take a full-strength hurricane to damage your home. As a member of the International Hurricane Protection Association, we understand how important it is to protect you, your family, and your home. Reliant is committed to giving you the best customer experience through the perfect combination of the most experienced installers in the industry, a full line of hurricane protection products, and industry-leading warranties.

Why Invest in Hurricane Shutters?

  • Improved Home Value. Shutters come in many styles to drastically improve the exterior appearance of your home and increase the value of your home.
  • Superior Performance. Our complete line of Hurricane Shutters delivers “full envelope” protection of your home against hurricane-force winds, preventing rapid pressurization. This rapid pressurization causes roof lift-off and catastrophic damage to your home.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Rolldown Shutters

Rolldown shutters are the premier shutter option available for protecting your property. These shutters can also provide security, privacy, insulation, and noise and light reduction. Available in manual and automatic options. Rolldown shutters can also be smart-home compatible with the SOMFY MyLink System.

Bahama Shutters

Consider Bahama shutters to boost the curb appeal of your home with a tropical look, all while providing reliable protection from hurricane winds and flying debris. When open, these shutters can provide shade and privacy within your home. When closed and secured, Bahama shutters will protect your home.

Colonial Shutters

Colonials are available in many colors and styles and boost the curb appeal and elegance of your home, all while providing reliable protection from wind-borne debris. These can drastically increase the appearance of your property.

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters can cover wide spans and are easy to use. Their tracks allow these shutters to work for most shapes, and the design allows for easy opening/closing. Accordion shutters provide security, privacy, and the highest level of hurricane protection.

Fabric Shutters

These fabric shutters deliver protection for your home or commercial property with minimal impact on your home’s appearance. These fabric panels are very lightweight and easy to deploy and store. Superior technology makes it durable and affordable.

Clear Panel Shutters

Storm protection doesn’t have to keep your home or business in darkness. Our translucent polycarbonate panels won’t block natural light, so your home is illuminated in the daylight hours before, during, and after a hurricane. Our lightweight clear shutters have no sharp edges and store easily.

Corrugated Clear Shutters

This paneling is made of high-strength corrugated polycarbonate. Unlike flat sheets of plywood, the paneling is angled in order to better protect against debris. These panels allow for natural light to enter your home while remaining protected. Businesses also benefit because customers can see when you’re open.

Corrugated Metal Shutters

Corrugated metal shutters are made of high-strength corrugated aluminum or galvanized steel sheets. Unlike flat sheets of plywood, the paneling is angled in order to better protect against debris.

Security Shutters

Our rolldown and accordion security shutters are an excellent way to protect homes and businesses from break-ins, forced entry, theft, vandalism, and other related threats.

Save Money

Property owners have the opportunity to receive credits for equipping their homes with windstorm mitigation features that are engineered to withstand high winds. A wind mitigation inspection will need to be performed at the property to verify which credits should be applied. The inspector will confirm specific features that will reduce damage to the building structure that could happen during a significant storm. Reliant includes a complimentary wind mitigation inspection with the purchase of a full envelope hurricane protection package.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“I ordered hurricane shutters from Reliant, and they did a great job! They came out, measured all the windows for the shutters, and once they were in, notified me of an installation date. When that day came, the crew delivered and installed my new shutters in a very professional manner making sure that the job was completed to my satisfaction. I would recommend Reliant to anyone who is looking to have hurricane shutters instead of scrambling for plywood at a hardware store when a storm comes.” – Bruce W.

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