Why You Need To Know About The Danger Of Rapid Intensification

If you live in Florida, you are no stranger to storms. Our hurricane seasons can be downright brutal. Sometimes, what seems like an average storm suddenly becomes very intense, reaching hurricane status within hours. Meteorologists actually have a term for this phenomenon. It’s called rapid intensification — and it’s happening more often. Thankfully, you can take steps to protect your home and family from its dangers.

The Dangers of Rapid Intensification

For years, residents have relied on hurricane predictions to indicate when they need to prepare for a storm. When the authorities say a hurricane is coming, everyone starts preparing their homes. Rapid intensification presents a huge challenge here. More often, authorities predict a tropical storm, but the storm intensifies to a severe hurricane before homeowners have time to act.

This happened with Hurricane Laura in August 2020. Meteorologists called for a storm with 65 mph winds. By the following day, the storm had rapidly intensified. Laura was a Category 4 hurricane by the time she reached land. In her path, she left lifted roofs and broken windows.

The main reason rapid intensification is so destructive is internal pressurization. A strong gust creates upward pressure on the roof when your home is hit by a strong gust. The pressure can break the trusses and cause your roof to lift off the house. Then, you have to deal not only with roof damage but also water damage from any rain that enters.

Protecting Against Rapid Intensification

The primary way to protect your home from rapid intensification is with hurricane shutters. These shutters, placed over your windows, prevent your home from becoming pressurized when strong winds suddenly blow in. Without this internal pressurization, your roof won’t lift off. And if your roof stays in place, you are far less likely to suffer water and wind damage to other parts of your home.

In the roofing industry, we refer to this as “full envelope protection.” Hurricane shutters create an envelope around your home, sealing it off against wind pressure. They protect more than just your windows; they also protect your roof. As weather patterns become more erratic, homeowners must take additional steps to protect their homes. Installing hurricane shutters is the most innovative way to guard against rapid intensification. Contact Reliant Roofing if you’re looking for a certified roofer to add shutters to your northeast Florida home.

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