Average Roof Replacement Cost in Florida (2024)

Florida's unique climate throws a curveball at roof. With relentless sun, torrential downpours, and the occasional hurricane testing your roof's resilience. So, when faced with the inevitable need for a roof replacement, Florida homeowners can feel overwhelmed by the financial burden. Fear not, this blog post will dive into the current cost of roof replacements in Florida, empowering you to make informed decisions for your home's most vital shield.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

There are many factors that go into the cost of a roof replacement, ranging from the material used, complexity of the roof, contractor rates, removal of old roof, and special features such as chimneys and sky lights. We can provide general estimates but to get a more accurate estimate it’s a good idea to get quotes from multiple roofing companies. We’ll start by going of the largest contributor to the price of a roof replacement, the material used.

Roof Replacement Cost by Material Type

Roofing Material UsedAverage Cost for Small Roof (1000 Square-Feet)Average Cost for Medium Roof (1000-2500 Square Feet)Average Cost for Large Roof (2500+ Square Feet)Average Cost Per Square Foot
Asphalt Shingle$3500-$7000$7000-$17500$17500+$3.50 to $7.00
Synthetic Tiles$7000-$15000$15000-$37500$37500+$7.00 to $15.00
Metal Roofs$5000-$17000$17000-$42500$42500+$5.00 to $17.00
Concrete Tiles$10000-$20000$20000-$50000$50000+$10.00 to $20.00

Should I Replace or Repair my Roof?

It’s not always necessary to fully replace your roof, your roof may just be in need of a repair. Here are a few guidelines on whether to fully replace or repair your roof.

Roof Age

Roof age is going to be a large factor when determining if a full replacement is necessary. Each type of roofing material has its own lifespan, with the most common type, asphalt shingles lasting around 15-25 years. If your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan you should go with a full roof replacement to avoid more costly repairs in the future.

Amount of Damage

The amount of damage to your roof is going to be an important factor when determining whether to replace or repair your roof. If the damage is localized to one small area of your roof you’re better off repairing it. If there are multiple damaged spots throughout your roof, you’re better off just getting a full roof replacement. You will end up saving money in the long run because you won’t be consistently repairing your roof.

Florida’s 25% Rule

There are times where you are legally required to replace your roof instead of repair. This is when more than 25% of your roof is damaged. This is due to Florida’s 25% Rule, which states: “Not more than 25 percent of the total roof area or roof section of any existing building or structure shall be repaired, replaced or recovered in any 12-month period unless the entire roofing system or roof section conforms to requirements of this code.” This means that if more 25% of the roof was damaged and the roof wasn’t properly permitted after March 1st, 2009, the entire roof section must be replaced.

Cost of Repairs Versus Replacement

Another situation where it’s better to fully replace rather than repair is if the cost of repair comes close to the cost of a full replacement. If the cost of a roof repair comes out to half of what a replacement would be it might be time to consider a full replacement, this will save you more costly repairs down the line.

Additional Cost Considerations

Roof with chimney

Roof Size and Complexity

Larger roofs will naturally cost more to replace. Additionally, roofs with complex designs, multiple levels, chimneys, skylights, or other features may require more labor and materials, increasing the cost.

Removal of Old Roofing

If there are existing layers of roofing that need to be removed before the new roof can be installed, this will add to the overall cost. The labor involved in stripping off old roofing materials and disposing of them properly contributes to this expense.

Roof Deck Repair

During the inspection process, if it’s discovered that the roof deck (the structural foundation of the roof) is damaged or rotten, it will need to be repaired or replaced before the new roof can be installed. This can add significant costs to the project.


If your home is in a location that’s difficult to access, such as a steep slope or tight urban area, additional equipment and labor may be required, adding to the overall cost.

Cleanup and Disposal

Proper cleanup and disposal of old roofing materials are essential. The cost of hauling away debris and ensuring the site is clean after the project is completed should be factored into the total cost.

Roof Replacement Cost

In conclusion there are many factors that go into the overall cost of a roof replacement, with some being more important than others. The biggest contributor to cost is going to be the roofing materials you choose. Asphalt shingles are a better budget material whereas clay or concrete tiles will last longer but cost much more. Roof size is also going to play a big part in the cost of a roof replacement, obviously the larger the roof the more a full replacement will cost. A good roofing contractor will include all of the costs in their final quote, so that you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs.

Instant Roof Replacement Estimate

Feel free to use our instant roof quote tool below to get an initial estimate of how much it may cost to replace your roof. Keep in mind this tool is just for a general idea of what the price of a roof replacement may be and not the final price.

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