Roof Assured Program

Maximize your roof’s lifespan with Reliant’s Roof Assured Program. A Program aimed at identifying minor issues before they become major problems.

Ensure your roof lasts, with Reliant's Roof Assured Program. Identifying problems early is the key to maximizing your roof's lifespan. With the Roof Assured Program you'll get annual roof inspections, priority scheduling, roof condition reports, and more!

What's Included in The Roof Assured Program?

The Roof Assured Program includes an annual roof inspection so we can identify any minor issues and deal with them before they cause major problems. It also includes priority scheduling for emergency and standard repairs. You will also get a 10% discount for any repairs identified during the inspection. Lastly, you will also get a free roof condition report for your insurance if requested. All new roof installations will receive this service for one year for free!

How Much Does the Roof Assured Program Cost?

  • $8.00 per square for metal roofs
  • $10.00 per square for shingle roofs
  • $12.00 per square for tile roofs

A square is 100 square feet of roof, on average most roofs are between 15-20 squares. Meaning the average cost of the program is around $150-200. This cost covers a year of the program. To find out the cost for your home fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to find your specific price.

  • Annual Roof inspection: This program includes an annual roof inspection
  • Check attachments like satellite dish or solar panels, seal as needed
  • Check for storm damage like missing shingles or impacts.
  • Check for overhanging trees and trim back as needed (we need wording around this as to scale, we are not removing large limbs)
  • Check impacts from fallen debris.
  • Check for proper air flow for proper attic ventilation.
  • Check for 3rd party damages from roof traffic.
    • Reseal gutter seams as needed
    • Remove debris from roof as needed
    • Check flashing and reseal as needed.
    • Re-nail any nail pops
    • Check chimney walls and chimney cap seal as needed

*The maintenance program does not cover repairs, but does allow for a 10% discount on any repairs identified during the inspection. If repairs are needed they will be priced out on the spot for the home owner.

As a maintenance customer you will never be charged a trip charge for emergency services or repairs a $299.00 Savings. You will also receive priority scheduling which means 24 hour or less response in emergencies, and 48 hours or less for standard repairs.

We provide a free roof condition report for your insurance company if needed.  This is a $299.00 dollar value for the report and will prevent the insurance company from dropping you.

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What is not covered under your roof warranty:

1. Acts of God, such as hail, strong storms, or winds (including gusts)
over the maximum wind speed listed in the “Limited Warranty
Information Table” water infiltration through exhaust vents.
2. Roof damage or leaks caused by pre-existing conditions, underlying
roofing materials, underlying structural failures, settlement, or any
defective areas on or near the roof that are not part of the Roofing.
System. Examples include but are not limited to chimneys with.
loose or cracked mortar, damaged siding, faulty counterflashing, or
improperly designed or installed gutter or downspout systems.
3. Foot traffic on your roof or damage caused by objects (e.g., tree
branches) falling on your roof.
4. Discoloration caused by algae, fungi, lichen, or cyanobacteria
5. Improper or faulty installation of your Roofing System by an installer
other than a Platinum Preferred Contractor.
6. Damage caused by improper or inadequate roof ventilation or roof
drainage, unvented attics, or enclosed roof rafter assemblies.
7. Damage caused by, or the cost to repair or replace, including but not limited to metal work, counter
flashing, failed and/or corroded roof nails, or pipe boots that allow
water to enter the structure or Roofing System.
8. Damage to the Roofing System caused by alterations made after
completion of application, including structural changes, equipment,
or solar panel installation, power washing, painting, the application
of cleaning solutions not in accordance with our algae removal
instructions, coatings, or other modifications.
9. Any damage due to debris, resins, or drippings from foliage.