Every Shingle Heart 2020 – Covid 19 Hero ‘Jingle Beard’ rewarded new roof for the holidays

Reliant's Every Shingle Heart program, initiated in 2017, aims to support the community by providing free roofs. In 2020, healthcare workers Jared and Patty Menefee were honored recipients, along with the Daily Manna Serving Center, recognized for their impactful community service.

Congrats to Our Fourth Annual Every Shingle Heart Recipients!

The Every Shingle Heart program was created in 2017 as a way for the Jacksonville-based company to give back to the community by providing local residents in need with brand new roofs.

“As a local company, we knew it was our duty to step up and give back to our community during these difficult times of COVID-19,” said Cameron Shouppe, President and Co-Owner of Reliant. “Healthcare workers have been making the ultimate sacrifice over these last several months. It’s time to bless them. We also plan to help a local organization in the hope of reaching as many people as we can.” Reliant, a family-owned company that opened in 2015, is partnering with the roofing manufacturers GAF and Carlisle, to give away a free roof to one healthcare worker in Northeast Florida, along with a local non-profit organization.

Meet Our 2020 Every Shingle Heart Recipients

Reliant’s COVID-19 Hero recipients are Jared and Patty Menefee, healthcare workers at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. They are both COVID-19 heroes, providing specific care for the youngest and most fragile of all patients in Jacksonville. Jared and Patty work opposing shifts in order to care for their four children. Jared is a Pharmaceutical Technician and Runner that specifically delivers medicine to different areas around the hospital. He is known as “Jingle Beard.” The nickname started several years ago when he decided to add ornaments to his beard during the winter holidays. Since then, it has grown into so much more. Every national holiday, Jared dresses up his beard in fun and creative ways. Sometimes he adds more than 50 ornaments to his beard—some of which light up, jingle, or flash—with the goal of bringing smiles to the faces of those who need it most. Jared brightens the days of not only the nurses, doctors and other team members he works with, but also the patients and families. Jared’s wife, Patty, specializes in creating Intravenous Nutrition for all patients in the Baptist Health System, including the premature newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The non-profit organization that Reliant has chosen as the 2020 recipient is the Daily Manna Serving Center. Reliant was connected to the organization through Humana’s Bold Goal. Humana’s Bold Goal focuses on aligning community resources to improve the clinical and social health outcomes of their members and the community. Throughout Jacksonville, Humana teams with nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and other organizations to identify and align with interventions like Every Shingle Heart that can help the local community. Humana nominated the Daily Manna Serving Center to be selected by Every Shingle Heart to be the recipient of a much-needed new roof. Founded nine years ago by Worship Center Pastor Gerald Dinkins, the food pantry serves about 2,500 people a month and launched a program helping clients eat and live healthier. The program is supported by the Bold Goal, a population health strategy to improve the health of the community by 20% by 2020 and beyond. The Daily Manna continues to fight poverty in the Jacksonville area by providing resources like food and health education. They provide many other resources to their community; such as free GED tutoring, clothing, paper goods, health screenings, nutritional classes, HIV testing, electric bill service, and youth services.

2020 Every Shingle Heart Recipient Reveal

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