Every Shingle Heart 2021 – New Roofs Given to Three Jacksonville Teachers

In 2021, Reliant's Every Shingle Heart program gave back to the community by providing free roof replacements for educators Michelle, Jerry, and Sherrie. These dedicated individuals, recognized for their outstanding service, received support from several companies. The replacements were completed in December, offering these deserving educators with a reliable roof that will last for years to come.

This year, Reliant received over 100 nominations and the final recipients were announced in October; Michelle Wadsworth, Jerry Langford, and Sherrie Fekete. “The COVID-19 Pandemic created many challenges for educators. It’s important that educators feel our gratitude for the continued hard work, quality education, support, and dedication they give to our children,” stated Cameron Shouppe, President and Co-Founder. The donations were assisted by companies GAF, Suncoast Roofers Supply, and Velux. 

Michelle Wadsworth, a Math Interventionist at Ramona Boulevard Elementary and The Bridge to Success Academy, said that the roof replacement is a huge help to her. Michelle’s friend, Amanda, nominated her for 2021 Every Shingle Heart Program. “Due to Covid and some other unforeseen circumstances, Michelle has taken in her friend’s daughter and 3 children, a nephew who had nowhere else to go, and recently a friend who lost her house and was going to become homeless,” stated Amanda. “During the summer, instead of recuperating from the stress of the school year, she often runs “grandma and me” playtime at her house for anyone’s kids, for free. She spends her own money to make sure that teachers and students have everything that they need to be successful in school and life. Michelle has been using a bucket to catch the water in her living room. This roof would be heaven on earth for her. There is no one more deserving.” 

Jerry Langford is a Physics and Forensic Science Teacher at Sandalwood High School. “Jerry has been teaching in Duval County for almost 30 years. After suffering a catastrophic injury in college that left him paralyzed, he decided to become a teacher. Jerry has positively impacted the lives of thousands of students. Over the years parents have written countless letters about the effect he has had,” Jerry’s brother, Kelley, stated. “Jerry lacks the ability to get up on the roof and clear branches and debris. Over the years the roof has begun to deteriorate badly.” 

Sherrie Fekete has been teaching for approximately 19 years and is a Pre-K – 2nd Grade Teacher at Seaside Charter North Campus. A coworker of Sherrie’s said “Sherrie is so supportive of all our staff and students. She tends to students that are not her students and helps them work through extra stuff. For example, one of our students has anxiety at lunchtime and struggles to take his medication. She has become his buddy at this stressful time and every day takes time out of her lunch to walk him to the office, get his service, and transition back. Mrs. Fekete does this often in different circumstances and for different people. She’s awesome and deserves to go home after a hard day of loving and educating to a dry, reliable house.”

The free roofs have now been provided to Michelle, Jerry, and Sherrie. The roof replacements began on December 6th, 2021, and were completed over the course of two days. The roofs have the highest quality materials and come with a GAF 25 year warranty, along with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

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