graphic with the quote Can Hurricane Shutters Really Decrease My Home Insurance Rates?

Can Hurricane Shutters Really Decrease My Home Insurance Rates?

If you take precautions to protect your home, your homeowners’ insurance company will be pleased. By installing hurricane shutters that make your home less vulnerable to storm damage, you’re decreasing the chances that your home will be severely damaged in bad weather. Your insurer will less likely have to reimburse you for repair costs. The simple act of protecting your home could result in a reduction in your monthly insurance premium. In a storm zone, you may be able to take advantage of a discount called the wind mitigation discount.

Consider Your Options

Regarding hurricane shutters, it’s essential to know that there are numerous options, and some may be better for discounts with your insurance policy. The price of shutters will depend on your home’s size, how many windows you have, and how they are manufactured. Your insurance premium discount is directly related to the level of protection provided by hurricane shutters. Be sure to protect other glass areas, such as skylights, as well as all vulnerable and weak areas of the insured structure. Consider comparing your insurance costs before and after the installation of hurricane shutters. If you are eligible for a wind mitigation discount, your insurance agent should be able to provide you with a new quote.

Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Depending on qualifying requirements, Reliant can provide a wind mitigation inspection. All home openings must be covered by storm protection products or be impact-rated to qualify. Having the entire home protected An inspection must be conducted by a certified professional to prove that your hurricane shutters offer adequate wind protection. For a more detailed understanding of the inspection requirements for your specific policy, contact your insurance company. The next step is to make an appointment with a certified wind mitigation inspector.

Let Your Insurance Company Know

Finally, ensure your insurance company is aware that hurricane shutters have been professionally installed at your home or business. By providing them with a copy of your wind mitigation inspection, your insurer will likely reward your investment with a discount on your premium. 

At Reliant, we offer many different types of hurricane shutters to meet your needs. We place the highest priority on providing you with high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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